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Friendship and Sharing are two of our favourite values here at Maple Tree as they show how caring our children really are.

Welcome to Maple Tree Lower School

Welcome to Maple Tree School. My name is Mrs Kim McCamley, and I am proud to be the Executive Head Teacher of Maple Tree and Sandye Place Middle School Academy here in Sandy.

Education is everything to me.

It saved my life, and over the decades of my career I have watched it save scores more.

Indeed it goes beyond saving lives; education resources people to pursue the dreams we all have as children, and to go to make them real.

It is the most powerful force for change and development there is.

My daily mission is to inspire, delight and love children so that they can grow beyond even their own wildest dreams.

We have a world to change for the better, and the leaders of tomorrow, your children, are here right now in our midst. Each person is a leader. Let’s face it, we each lead our own lives. Where we lead our lives to is governed by the choices we believe we have. The fewer the choices, the more impossible change for the better becomes. It follows then that the leaders of tomorrow, your children, deserve the best choices, offered by the best teachers and leaders possible.

Here at Maple Tree, and indeed at Sandye Place Academy, we are building ourselves into the best support staff,  teachers, cleaners, dinner staff, teaching assistants, office staff, and leaders we can become, every day.  I am proud and privileged to lead and be led by them all.

Please enjoy our website, and if you get the chance, come and visit us to feel the buzz that people tell us is in the air here.  Of course we know it already, we get to be in it every day.