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Our Staff

At Maple Tree we have a large group of staff who are dedicated to the children in out care.

They are led by Mrs Kim McCamley, the Executive Head, and Mrs Cath Bainbridge, Head of School.

Office Team

Mrs Kim Varley Office Manager 
Mrs Kez Martin Receptionist and Wrap Around Care Administrator
Mrs Amanda Brookman Pupil Administrator

Early Years Foundation Stage Team

Mrs Maria Phillips Little Saplings Play Leader
Mrs Vicky Taylor Little Saplings Play Leader
Miss Kate Whiting Little Saplings Play Assistant
Mrs Debbie Pigott Nursery Teacher and EYFS Leader
Mrs Jane Germany Nursery Nurse
Ms Kerry Green Nursery Teaching Assistant (Part time)
Mrs Beckie Paddock 1:1 Learning Support (afternoons)
Mrs Victoria Darnell Reception Teacher (Part time)
Mrs Tracey Carrick Reception Teacher (Part time)
Mrs Sherry Hampton Reception Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Beckie Paddock Reception Teaching Assistant (mornings)
Mrs Kimberly Black Reception Teacher
Mrs Alison Coats Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sylvia Gianninotti Reception Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Loretta Evans 1:1 Learning Support (afternoons)
Mrs Nicola Lintott 1:1 Learning Support (mornings)
Mrs Clare Hilditch Cover Supervisor

Key Stage One Team

Mrs Colette Wicks Year 1 Teacher and KS1 Leader
Mrs Sara Jacobs Year 1 Teacher - job share
Mrs Dawn Payne Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mandy Mabbott 1:1 Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs Loretta Evans 1:1 Learning Support Assistant (afternoons)
Ms Tanya Cassidy Year 1/2 Teacher
Mrs Vicki Green Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dani Vickery-Cox Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Shelley Leigh Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Clare Hilditch
  Cover Supervisor

Key Stage Two Team

Mrs Chris Pond Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Johanna Jennison Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lyn Longworth Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Clarice Champion   Year 3/4 Teacher and KS2 Leader
Mrs Angela Cahill Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julia Scott   Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Gemma Woods Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jill Jones Cover Supervisor

Pastoral Support

Mrs Vicky Ewen                 Pupil Wellbeing Worker                             

Lunchtime Supervisors Team

Mrs Vicki Green Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Angela Cahill Midday Supervisor
Mrs Loretta Evans Midday Supervisor
Mrs Alison Coats Midday Supervisor
Mrs Lyn Longworth Midday Supervisor
Mrs Shelley Leigh Midday Supervisor

Lunchtime Catering Team

Mrs Amanda Saunders Kitchen Manager
Ms Stella Shepherd Kitchen Support

Clubs Team

Ms Kerry Green                Kid's Club and Holiday Club Lead

 Cleaning Team

Mr Marc Ford Maintenance Manager
Mrs Janet Christmas Senior Cleaner
Mrs Laura Patterson Cleaner


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