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Our Senior Leadership Team

Our current Senior Leadership Team is extremely hardworking and dedicated to driving forwards standards and imporvements so that the children at Maple Tree really do get the best education. They meet regularly as a group and are responisble for teams of people across the school. This helps to ensure a consistent approach which makes it easier for everyone.

Meet the Senior Leaders 

Mrs Kim McCamley Executive Headteacher 

My first headship taught me the value of nurturing relationships in order to raise standards. Time and energy has to be spent in abundance to ensure a culture is created to allow everyone to grow and succeed. Many of the skills we learn in our lives are transferable and we all need an opportunity to find our talents, to feel the buzz of success, and to believe in ourselves. I have worked tremendously hard over the years to create spaces for pupils and staff to develop into the amazing people they are today. 

I hope to transfer these skills to Maple Tree and develop a high performing team.

Mrs Cath Bainbridge Head of School

I am so lucky to be the Deputy Head at Maple Tree! The children are the very best and I am always greeted by smiles, hugs and conversation. I love going into the classes to watch the children learn and the passion and enthusiasm that they show makes my job an absolute pleasure. I am jointly responsible for Safeguarding throughout the school.

Mrs Alison Hyndman EYFS Team Leader

Having previously taught in KS2 for 3 years I requested a move to Reception in order to gain experience in teaching a different age group. I have been here ever since!  I love the way the children are like sponges, soaking up their experiences and exploring new learning.  It is a pleasure to watch them grow in confidence and independence and every day something will happen to bring a smile to my face.  I am privileged to say that I love coming to work and sharing my day with your wonderful children!

Mrs Colette Wicks KS1 Team Leader

I love the fact that teaching allows me to see children grow in so many different ways.  Their different personalities and characteristics make each day different and exciting.  I feel very privileged to be allowed to play a small part in their lives and love to hear of their achievements (big or small!) and to know how proud they are of themselves.

Mrs Clarice Champion KS2 Team Leader

Teaching keeps me on my toes as well as young at heart. That "buzz" from being in front of a class of eager pupils ready to learn has motivated me for 13 years now. I love how I can be silly and funny and do things to capture the children's interest in learning. I also love the fact that my work has a purpose, and that I get the opportunity to touch lives of students and contribute to making their future one that is bright and productive. 

Mrs Kim Varley Office Manager

I have had the pleasure of working here at Maple Tree for over 10 years.  During that time I have seen the school leaders embrace the changes placed on them by Government, and those which were put in place to meet the needs of the local community.  I feel privileged to be a part of Maple Tree's future and it's continuous aim to bring quality teaching and learning to our pupils.

Mrs Victoria Darnell

Currently on maternity leave.