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Key Stage 1

There are three classes in this key stage for children aged 5 – 7 (Birch, Yew and Aspen). As we have a statutory intake number of 45 and must also meet the classroom size of a maximum of 30 children, we sometimes have to have some mixed age teaching, however this year we have straight classes of Year 1 and Year 2. 

To prevent the children repeating any work, we have a two year rolling programme of themes. All teachers plan together so that the children get the same opportunities. Individual teachers then differentiate the work within their class to suit the children’s needs.

The Key Stage 1 team consists of

  • Mrs Wicks - Year 1 teacher and Key Stage Leader
  • Mrs Jacobs - Year 1 teacher
  • Mrs Vickery-Cox - Year 2 teacher
  • Mrs Mabbott - SEND Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Gianinnotti - Teaching Assistant for Year 1
  • Mrs Hughes - Teaching Assistant for Year 1
  • Mrs Payne - Teaching Assistant for Year 2