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Juniper Year 5

Welcome to Juniper class. My name is Mrs. Rowley. It is going to be a fun, but busy year learning about our new theme of Ancient Greece and getting the children ready to move up to year 6 next summer. The children have all come back bubbling and looking forward to the year ahead which is really encouraging.

As mentioned, our theme for the autumn term is Ancient Greece, which we will be link across the curriculum. We will be looking at the mystery and adventure of myths and legends in English, the gods and goddesses and some significant events, such as the Olympics, in history and the distinctive decorations and clothing of the Greeks in art.

In maths, the year will begin with place value and understanding digits up to 1,000,000 and later in the year perimeter and area, encouraging the children to develop their understanding and be able to apply their knowledge to reason and solve problems. It is important that the children still practice their times tables which they can do on TT Rockstars, which all the children have accounts for.

During this term the focus for science will be looking at the life cycles of living things, such as humans and plants, and how their habitats. There will also be a focus on how humans develop through the years to old age.

Should you have any questions or concerns please speak to me or contact me via and I will endeavour to respond within 24/48 hours.