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Consultation Documents

Having consulted to change our age range from September 2019, this has now been brought forward to September 2018.

This will be phased over the 2 years so that Year 5 children can remain at Maple Tree in 2018/19 and then from September 2019 we will also be providing Year 6 provision to  complete our transition to Primary. 


Consultation to become a Primary School from September 2019 (up to year 6)

The Governing Body of Maple Tree Lower School has decided that it should further investigate and consult on the proposal to extend the school’s age range to include Years 5 and 6 in a Primary provision for 2019-20, commencing with children in Year 4 having the opportunity to move into Year 5 in September 2019.

The purpose of this document is to provide information, and seek your views, on a proposal that has been put forward by the Governors in relation to how education provision is delivered at Maple Tree from September 2019.

You are invited to attend an information meeting as detailed in the letter and full consultation document below which outlines the rationale and process of becoming a Primary School. We will be considering and inviting comments on the proposed age range changes for Maple Tree Lower School for 2019/20.

If you have any questions or would like to express your views, please submit these in writing or by email to by noon on the 19th March 2018.  The final decision on any proposed changes will be made by the Governing Body.

Please download the document below to see the proposals.